The Extras

The Extras

Our Bark Park Concierge Service offers drop off and pick up services to shuttle your dog in style from your home to The Bark Park and back home again after a busy day of play! We can also help with dog related errands, such as picking up your dog from the groomer and bringing them to play, or stopping off to grab a bag of food from the vet when you’re working and can’t make it there before they close.  

Our concierge service includes pet sitting services as well, so when you are out of town, we can not only bring your dog to camp, but help out with feeding and extra bathroom breaks or walks at home as needed.  Concierge service pricing is $5 for the first 5 miles,and $1 each additional mile beyond 5 miles.  Pet sitting services, which include your time at camp, start at $30 for a full day (price will vary depending on your location and number of visits needed per day).  We find that our campers are much less stressed while their owners are away if they can come to the park to play or have a friendly face drop in to see them and spend some time with them!


The Bark Park offers basic grooming services such as bathing and nail trims, teeth brushing, and ear cleaning.  We are not a full service groomer, and we will not perform grooming services if your dog is really worried about these things being done, but find that most dogs are a little more accepting of a bath or nail trim once they’ve had a day to play and get all their energy out.  You are also welcome to use our tub to bathe your dog and leave the mess here.  We will provide the tub, water, towels, and shampoo for you, and you do the rest.

Grooming Prices:

Self-Serve Bathing = $10-$15
Bark Park Bath = $12-$17
Nail Trim = $7
Teeth Brushing = $5
Ear Cleaning = $7