Dog Day Camp

Dog Day Camp

Our cage-free environment allows dogs to play all day long in a safe and supervised environment. Whether playing a game of tug, taking a snooze in the sun, joining a wrestling match, or catching up on the latest smells, your dog can be a dog and get the natural socialization they crave.  The Bark Park offers the largest outdoor day camp in the area, and we are unique in offering weekend day camp as well.  Our campers are allowed to play throughout the entire dog park, so they have several acres to run and play while being supervised by our attentive park staff.  Day camp is great for all dogs, especially high energy dogs, dogs that need to shed a few pounds, dogs that suffer anxiety problems alone, and days when life just keeps you too busy to play with your pooch.
Our campers have full access to both inside and outside areas and fresh water available at all times, with pools, shade, air conditioning, and fans available in the warmer seasons.  We have less busy areas available for small dogs and puppies, which allow them to join the big group as they choose, while still having an option to stay in their own area if they prefer. Young puppies get special perks while they’re learning the ropes so they can learn from the big dogs, but still get their naps in!
Day Camp Rates:
Weekdays $26 per day
$17 per half day (up to 6 hours)
$17 additional dog (full or half day)
$7 per hour ala carte
$230 – 10 visit full day pass
$420 – 20 visit full day pass
$160 – 10 visit half day pass/extra dog pass

Weekends: $10 per 2 hours*
*only charged up to 6 hours, so max cost is $30 for a full day

Vaccination records are required to show proof of Rabies, DHLPP (puppies must have at least 2 of the DHPP or DAC-VP series), and Bordetella (Kennel Cough), and all dogs must be housebroken prior to starting day camp.  Since all dogs at the park are vaccinated, risk of exposure is minimal, but remember, vaccinations take up to 14 days to become effective, so please plan ahead when updating vaccinations. We prefer all dogs are spayed and neutered at six months, but may be able to work with unaltered dogs on a first come first serve basis. Preference is given to unaltered dogs that are under six months of age.

We reserve the right to charge a late fee of $5 per 1/2 hour for all dogs that are not picked up by closing time.

Additional fees of $10 per 1/2 hour will also be charged in the event you are contacted to pick up your dog for a behavioral issue and the dog is not picked up within one hour. We take every step possible to help all dogs succeed, but in order to insure the safety of all dogs in our care, at times we do need to remove a dog from the group, and we expect owners to pick up their dogs as soon as possible. As we are not a kennel, individual monitoring of dogs requires additional resources that are not covered in the daily camp fees.